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Fundación Lealtad

Fundación Lealtad’s mission is to promote trust in the NGO sector amongst donors and Spanish society in order to increase donations and other types of collaborations. Fundación Lealtad has developed the first NGO monitoring methodology in Spain that is based on a series of standards of transparency and best practices.

Since 2001, the foundation has monitored more than 1,000 NGOs, inspiring similar initiatives in Spain and Latin America to work towards increasing charities’ accountability. Moreover, Spanish donors have recognized the importance of Fundacion Lealtad as a source of public information.


Promoting NGO transparency and best practices:

Fundación Lealtad´s main activity in Spain is to monitor NGOs and check their compliance with the 9 Standards of Transparency and Best Practices (download PDF). If the analysis concludes that the NGO meets all the standards, the organization is allowed to use the “Accredited NGO” seal on its communication and fundraising materials and its report is published on flealtad.staging.wpengine.com.
If the NGO does not comply with all the Standards, Fundación Lealtad helps the organization improve its accountability and management processes. Every year the foundation supports more than 400 NGOs by setting up information sessions, organizing workshops, giving them access to best practice case studies, etc.

The NGO only covers part of the monitoring process cost, depending on its budget. Fundación Lealtad offers most of its services free of charge with NGOs covering part of the cost of the monitoring process depending on their annual expense budget. The accredited charities gain free access to tools that facilitate collaborating with private institutions. These tools include a project database where NGOs can post projects they need help with, an on-line donation tool and an area where corporations and private institutions post proposals open for collaboration. Moreover, the use of the accreditation seal is also free of charge.

Fundación Lealtad is also involved in international projects. In Latin America, the foundation has helped countries such as Mexico (since 2009), through its national organization Confío, to adapt the Spanish monitoring methodology. In Chile, it helped Fundación Lealtad Chile define their monitoring standards based on the Spanish model, know-how, and experience. The Chilean organization is currently working to promote transparency and best practice standards among national NGOs. This project is supported by the Multilateral Investment Fund (Inter-American Development Bank Group).

The foundation is the Spanish member of the International Committee of Fundraising Organizations (ICFO), an organization made up of different national associations that work as charity and fundraising monitoring agencies to ensure that fundraising for charitable purposes is being organized and performed in a satisfactory manner.

Promoting NGO Collaboration:
Fundación Lealtad offers free of charge independent, objective and consistent information on NGOs in order to help individual and institutional donors decide what charity to collaborate with.
Corporations and private entities which are members of Fundación Lealtad also have access to support and tailor-made reports to identify the NGO and the projects that fit with the company’s social strategy, publication of solidarity proposals for accredited charities, etc.


Board of Trustees
Chairman: Salvador García-Atance Lafuente
Vice Chairman: Fundación Mutua Madrileña, represented by Rufino García-Quirós García
Members: Laura Abasolo García de Baquedano, Ignacio Cabrera García, Joaquín García-Quirós Rodríguez, Pedro Guerrero Guerrero, Cecilia Plañiol Lacalle (Treasurer), Helena Revoredo Delvecchio, Gonzalo Ulloa y Suelves; Banco Santander, represented by Juan Manuel Cendoya Méndez de Vigo; PwC Spain, represented by Ana Peláez Morón.
Secretary (non-voting): Ana Benavides González-Camino

Download full CV of the members of the Board of Trustees


Fundación Lealtad has a team of 10 employees and 2 volunteers. The management team is formed by:
Managing Director: Ana Benavides González-Camino
Analysis Director: María Alvear García
Institutional Relations Director: María Eugenia Larrégola Pérez


In 2017,  Fundación Lealtad annual income was 682.951€: 61,4% of the funds coming from institutions and private corporations, 18,6% from NGO, 7,7% from the Public Administration and 12,3% from individuals. Breakdown of total expenses (657.416€) was: 87,4% mission, 7,3% administration and 5,3% fundraising.


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